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Price of Leather Heel Repair

Leather heeled shoes are prone to damage when used regularly. Fortunately, getting them repaired and/or replaced is relatively quick and easy.

Price to Repair Red Wing Sole (Full Vibram Unit)

Red Wing Shoes create high quality shoes for generations. When a shoe's sole gets damaged, repairing or resoling is a solution that is easy to do for a skilled cobbler.

Price to Replace a 12-inch Nylon Boot Zip

Zippers are all prone to breakage. This is why boot zip repair and replacements are a common job for many cobblers.

Price to Restich Soles – Welted

Welted shoes are made the old-fashioned way, with the sole attached to a welt (a leather strip that runs along the outside of the shoe) rather than the lining. This can seem meaningless, but it results in shoes that are more durable, waterproof, and long-lasting.

Price to Shorten Belts

Shortening a belt often based on how the belt is connected to the buckle, a professional cobbler will normally shorten it without difficulty.

Re-attach Ladies Plastic Stiletto Heel Block (one shoe)

Because of their composition, stilettos are more prone to breakage compared to other shoes. When that happens, you can go to a shoe repair shop and have them reattach your stiletto heel blocks. This usually involves adding screws and perhaps some glue to help the repair.

Shoe Stretching (per pair)

Shoes can be stretched to make them more comfortable to wear. Some materials stretch better than others.  Talk you your local cobbler for advice.

Standard Quality Men’s 1/2 Rubber Soles and Heels

Rubber soles and heels can get damaged over time. Replacing them requires heavy-duty glue and strong stitching.

Stiletto Metal Heels Repair

Stiletto metal heels will eventually get damaged if worn too often or when minor accidents happen.

Walking Boot Repairs – Full Vibram Sole

The cost of buying a new pair of quality walking boots can be high, therefore having them repaired with a quality sole makes good sense. You should be aware that a cheap, brand new pair of walking boots can often be bought for less than a quality repair, however they are often inferior quality and many find them uncomfortable. A complete resole repair can be a laborious process for the cobbler so the price often reflects this. Your boots current sole is patched or removed prepped and glued, and after the resoling process the boots are finished by hand, and then usually conditioned for waterproofing. The price guide quoted here is for the entire units. However it is often possible to get the heel or the sole repaired without replacing the entire unit. These repairs can be more cost effective and just as durable, but perhaps not quite as aesthetically pleasing.