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Cost Of Ladies Heels Requiring Larger Heel Repair

Repairing women’s heels with a large heel, the size of which usually found on mens heels.

Elastics Repair On A Buckle (each)

Shoes with buckled elastics may not be a very common style but cobblers can replace the elastics and buckles if you ever break them.

Gents ¼ Rubber Leather Heels

Rubber heels tend to wear down over time. Fortunately, getting them replaced is easy.

Gents ¼ Steel Rubber Heels Repair

Gents ¼ steel rubber heels can easily be fixed or replaced. They are usually repaired using both nails and heavy-duty glue.

Gents Leather ½ Soles & Heels – Replacements and Repair

Leather soles and heels, albeit very strong, can also be damaged with continued use. However, replacing them is pretty quick. Most cobblers can offer this service usually within 48 hours, depending on how busy they are.

Gents Leather ½ soles & Heels (best quality)

Leather soles and heels can be replaced when they wear out and you can choose whether you want your replacement stitched or unstitched. There are different qualities of leather available. A high grade leather will be more expensive, but will last longer.

Gents Replacement Leather Full Sole & ¼ Rubber Leather Heel – Best Quality

Higher quality replacements for the whole sole-to-heel area may be a bit more expensive than other forms of repair.  However, this repair can add more years to your shoes and actually save you money in the long run.

Gents Replacement Leather Full Sole & ¼ Rubber Leather Heel – Standard Quality

Replacing both the soles and heels of your shoes can be pricey, since they cover a large portion of the footwear. Leather soles are expensive and the process to replace them is laborious.

Gents Replacement Unit – Dr Martens

If you ever damage your Dr Martens you can get replacements for the damaged parts for a cost.

Gents Replacement Unit – Size 9 – Vibram Quality

Vibram soles have good reputation when it comes to durability and comfort, making them a popular choice for people who do heavy physical work.

Gents Resin ½ Soles – Replacements and Repair

If you need a replacement resin sole, your local shoe repair shop should be able to help you with it. Prices vary depending on the location and the process used to repair the sole.

Gents Rubber Heels (Standard) Repair and Replacement

Gents rubber heels, albeit usually sturdy, are also prone to wearing out. However, having them repaired is quick and easy.

Gents Stick-on Soles

Stick-on soles are there to provide anti-slip properties for the shoes and also to remedy small tears on soles before the damage gets worse. If you haven’t been to a shoe repair shop before, consider choosing an independant one as they may charge less. Bigger repair companies tend to be more expensive as they have bigger overheads. Nevertheless, there’s no harm in doing research and comparing prices before you decide on a shop.

Ladies Leather ½ Soles – Repairs and Replacements

Replacement soles for ladies shoes are easily available through shoe repair stores. Depending on the type and thickness they are glued or stitched on.

Ladies Rubber Soles & 2 Inch Heels – Replacements and Repairs

Ladies rubber soles and 2-inch heels can get worn out with too much use. Luckily, having them repaired is quick and easy.

Ladies Standard Heels Requiring a 2-inch Heel – Repair and Replacements

The larger the heel replacement, the more costly it will be. The quality of material is another price factor.

Ladies Stick On Soles

Ladies stick-on soles offer an easy way to repair damaged soles. Their non-slip properties also help a lot in making new shoes feel more comfortable.

Ladies thin 3mm toe pieces

Toe pieces can be repaired with rubber or leather depending on your needs.