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A Standard Yale Key Cutting

These standard Yale keys have been around for 40 years or more.  These are not to be confused with the newer patented keys which will be more expensive.

ABS Endurance Key Cutting Prices

The ABS endurance lock has emerged in the market in 2020.  The Endurance lock has been made for a specific door and window company in the UK.  These locks are British Standard, 3 star locks of the highest quality. Your ABS Master Key Code is two letters followed by 7 numbers and then four more letters.  The Key code begins with two Alpha Digits followed by seven numbers and a further four alpha digits* For example: MG2457877AFTA.  On older models the code did not include the last two alpha digits. Currently not many key cutters are offering this service.  If you are lucky enough to find someone, you may need to present your security card for authorisation.

Avocet ABS Key Cutting Prices

Avocet ABS  keys are a High Security key for the ABS 3 Star Cylinder.  These keys can only be cut through an ABS Elite Centre. Usually ABS keys are cut on genuine ABS key blanks using state-of-the art machines to ensure a perfect fit every time.  To become an elite centre, companies need to stock the cylinders so a certain investment is needed by the stockist.  Bearing this in mind it is unlikely you will be able to get these cut in smaller shoe repairers or hardware stores.  This also reflects the higher prices charged for these keys. It's more likely that key cutting locksmiths or dedicated key cutting shops may be able to help.  If you have lost your card, a skilled key cutter should be able to help as long as you can show identification.  You can find your local authorised ABS Key Centre Here.

Brisant Ultion Key Cutting Prices

Duplicate Brisant Ultion compatible dimple keys for high security cylinders can be expensive. These keys come with a cutting card that can be used to duplicate the key, however experienced professionals will be able to cut these without the card. Sometimes key cutters will offer a quantity discount if you get 2 or more.  It's always worth asking.

Chubb Ava Key Cutting Prices

This is an old type of security key that was made popular in the 90’s.

Double bitted safe key cutting prices

Safe keys can't be cut by everyone.  You will find many cobblers or hardware stores avoid these type of keys, as the blanks are expensive and accuracy is paramount.  There are hundreds of different safe keys, so prices can vary drastically.

ERA 3 star cylinder key (red head)

These ERA 3 Star "red head" keys normally have a key code starting with ""6Y"", printed on the neck of the key underneath the head cover. ERA 3 star locks are high security and are commonly found on uPVC doors.

Garrison 7×7 “Blue Keys”

These keys are for the relatively high security Garrison lock. Originally a plastic security card with a 7 Digit key code was supplied with these locks. The code series range is 1111111 to 6666666. If you no longer have the key code, don't worry as many good key cutters will be able to duplicate this key from the original. Alternativy, if you have lost your key but still have the key card, then a good key cutter will be able to make a new key from the number on the card.

Henderson Garage Door Key Cut

There are different types of Henderson garage door keys and all of which can be easily cut by your most trusted key-cutter.

Laser Car Key Cutting – Key blank supplied by customer

Would you bring your own burger and bun into McDonalds and ask them to cook it for you? Many key cutters and locksmiths feel this way about people bringing their own key blanks to them.  There are many reasons that key cutters don't like to offer this service.  But there are many that will. Its best to contact your local shop to ask them beforehand.

Legge Restricted key

Restricted keys mean only a signatory is allowed to have it cut. These are older style keys and the restriction has expired, which means copy keys are available.  However only an experienced professional will stock the correct blanks.

MAUER Safe Key Price (65mm – 120 mm length)

Mauer safes are common in the UK and Ireland. They are seen in safes made by Mauer, Chubb safes, President  and a few others. They can be be tricky to get copied.  Good calibrated machinery is necessary as well an an experienced Key Cutter or locksmith.  When you get a new key cut you should always try to lock it and unlock it with the door open to ensure it operates correctly.  If you try to do it in the closed position, and the key jams, it can cause a lot of trouble.  Please allow a number of hours for this service.