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Price for a Gatemate Dimple Key

Often used as Gate Keys and possibly more.  These Gatemate keys suit Perry locks also.  Replacement Gatemate & Perry dimple keys are not available to be cut to code, so you need to bring the key into the shop to be duplicated.  Duplication should take less than 10 minutes per key.

Price for an APECS Dimple & Track Key – 3 Star

The APECS AP Double Euro Cylinder is a BSI 3 Star Kitemark, Sold Secure Diamond Standard Cylinder which offers maximum protection.  These may also be branded as Mila.  The APECS/MILA cylinder guards against snapping, drilling, plug-extraction, picking and bumping.  The cylinder usually comes withy 3 keys.  Additional keys can but supplied from some APECS authorised centres and other experienced locksmiths.  Copying these keys can take between 5 - 10 minutes per key.  Its best to contact your local key cutter beforehand to check if they can copy them.

Price For ASSA Flexcore Key Cutting

Assa Flexcore Keys are patented and restricted.  They offer a greater level of security, due to their design. The unique design of the Flexcore keys offers copy-protection, enabling the owner of the property or lock to be able to control and track what keys have been created and issued. You will be unable to get these Flexcore keys cut in the majority of locksmith and key cutting shops in the UK and Ireland.  Only the original installer or locksmith will be able to supply a copy.  Check your key for a reference.  If you are a tenant, contact your landlord for further information.  Some locksmiths / key cutters will go the extra mile and try and source and order the key for you.  A letter of authority and proof of ID is always required.

Price For Ultion WXM Key Cutting

The Ultion WXM is an upgrade to the Ultion lock and brings added protection and security.  The Ultion WXM two-part plug design uses molybdenum instead or brass to make it more robust. It also houses two hardened SS630 attack pins that fire when an attack is detected.  The new Ultion WXM Keys are around 33% thicker than the original Ultion Keys.  The reason for this is to allow more pin heights resulting in more picking difficulty. These keys are new on the market in 2020 and are not yet widely available in key cutting shops across the British Isles.  It's best to contact the shop beforehand to see if they are able to cut a WXM key.

Restricted EVVA Key

Restricted keys are designed to be more secured than ordinary keys. These keys can be cut by very few authorised outlets. They are restricted and a letter of authority is usually required.

Standard mortice key

If you ever find yourself needing a replacement mortice key, you can go to any key-cutter and they can help you. Costs are just about £6 on average but it really depends on the key-cutter. Some charge more than the others due to location and overheads.

Union pre-cut mortice

You can get a union pre-cut mortice key from different sources and even online. Prices are at around £5 on average but can also go upwards of £8. The cost really depends on the key-cutting shop that you choose. Big-named shops can be more pricey. If you want a less pricey key-cutter, look for a local shop.

Yale Patented cylinder key

These patented keys have been on the market since 2018.  They are more expensive to buy wholesale than regular, non patented keys. If you are unsure if yours is patented, take a close look at each side of your key.  It will say patented in small writing around or under the head.  Most key cutters will still be able to cut these but they will cost more.

Yale Superior and Yale Platinum Key Cutting

Yale superior and Yale platinum are Yale’s newer types of locks that come with corresponding keys and key cards.