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Charge To Change A Euro Cylinder (Non Emergency, Non Lockout)

Euro Cylinder locks are most commonly seen on residential properties with UPVC doors. The prices quoted here are for non emergency callouts on standard (Non BS) euro locks.  If you have lost the keys, and the door is locked, there will usually be an extra charge depending on the labour involved. In an emergency or out of hours situation, the prices will usually increase around 25 %.  British Standard locks will usually be dearer also.

Charge to Change a Yale Rim Cylinder – Non Emergency

The price quoted is if you have a non "Lock Out" scenario. E.G. if you want the lock changed as someone else has your key or if your current keys are sticky in your lock. Having your Yale rim cylinder changed is usually a quick service. This is the price for the cylinder only. Not the case on the inside.

Charge to open a BS 5 lever mortice lock and change the lock (Non Emergency)

5-lever mortice dead locks are commonly used on wooden doors. They lock on both sides as they get fitted WITHIN the door rather than ON the door.

Charge To Open a Nightlatch – (Late Night or Emergency)

Most of the time, the reason why locksmiths charge a lot for their service is because of the clients’ urgency. If you need to change your locks immediately and outside the usual business hours, you may expect to pay more for the service. Along with this, locksmiths may also charge more if they have to travel a distance to get to you.  A good locksmith should be able to open this in a matter of minutes with no damage to the lock, however if the lock has failed or the snib has malfunctioned, drilling may be the only option.

Charge To Open A Non BS 5 Lever Mortice Lock & Replace The Lock (During Daytime Working Hours)

Unlike most locks that are placed on the surface of the door, the 5-lever mortice lock is fitted within the door. It locks from both the outside and the inside of the door using a key.

Charge To Open A Standard Night-Latch (Non Emergency)

Original price was: £95.00.Current price is: £70.00.
A night latch is one of the most popular types of lock that’s used in residential properties with wooden doors. These locks are simple yet very effective in providing basic security for homes, but if your in a rush and forget your keys inside the house and close the door, then you're locked out! This price is for opening only. Not replacing.  A new cylinder may be approximately £20 - £30 on top of this price.  This should only be needed if the lock is damaged or if you have no spare keys.

Price For An ERA Vectis Multipoint Upgrade (Including Handles)

The ERA Vectis is a 5 lever lock multipoint locks which was regularly installed in UPVC doors around 15 - 20 years ago.  The Era - Vectis 5 lever - Multipoint lock gearbox comes in two backset sizes; 35mm (Standard UPVC) and 45mm (Composite, Timber). The Vectis is also available in either a hook bolt or deadbolt model, which both have their pros and cons. If your ERA lock fails, there are two options for the locksmith.   1 - Replace the Gearbox or full strip with a like for like job.  This will often be the cheaper job as there are less parts and work involved. 2 - The locksmith may  upgrade the lock to a new style lock.  This will include new handles and a new Euro Cylinder.  There are more parts involved and more labour however many see this as a better job in many peoples opinions.  The price quoted on includes a full refurbishment which means you get new handles and new cylinder keys.  This is the average price and does not include emergency callout or gain entry fees.

Price to fit an Internal digital door lock (fresh installation)

Digital door locks can be installed on a variety of doors:
  • Aluminium and Glass Doors
  • External Doors
  • UPVC Doors
  • Timber and Wood Doors

Price To Open And Replace A Chubb/Union Detainer High Security Lock

These locks were popular in the 90's for timber doors hinged on the left or the right.  They can be very expensive to replace.

Price to Remove a Broken/Snapped Key to Open Door

Snapping or breaking a key in a lock is a annoying situation to be in. Fortunately, removing it is something a locksmith can do easily.  Please note:  If you don't have a spare working key, the cylinder may need to be replaced.  This will cost more.

Price to Replace a Millenco Mantis Mechanism

The Millenco Mantis Mechanism is one of the more expensive lock mechanisms to replace and this will definitely be reflected in the final price you pay.  The Millenco Mantis MK1 is the only mechanism that has the unique 117/86PZ measurements that match the door handle. It may be possible to repair these locks but that is at the locksmiths discretion, as sometimes other parts of the lock may fail afterwards.  Many locksmiths feel it's best to supply a new system so they can provide a 12 month warranty.

Price to Replace a Patio Door Lock

Patio doors are, by definition, transitional components. They serve as both an entrance and an exit, as well as a glass barrier between two separate aspects of your home's design.