Kinetica+ K4’s Game Changing Security

When I moved into a new home recently, I opted to get my locks changed to help increase the level of safety in my home. The lock I chose was the Fullex Kinetica+ K4 Euro cylinder that ended up being one of my best purchases yet.

The locksmith that helped me install it properly told me how it’s got a two-part cam system that prevents burglaries by stopping their attacks from working entirely. It has been tried and tested by myself when I once tried opening it without using my key.

Besides looking nice and clean on any door I’ve installed it on, I saw its ultra-secure BSI Kitemark 3-star rating, found engraved at the front of the lock, confirming its quality.

I mentioned that I put it on multiple doors in my home too, and I didn’t spend that much! The price is fair and worth it especially in the recent pandemic, it is advertised to have antibacterial and antiviral properties.

I highly recommend the product to everyone. It’s reliable, secure, and worth it. Plus, when I had any inquiries, their contact information was easy to find and get a response from.

10 Steps to Choose the Right Locksmith

Did you just move into a new home and you thought it would be best for your safety to get your locks replaced? What if you live alone and you got locked in or out of your own property? Cars are not out of the question, sometimes you get distracted and lose your keys.

It happens to the best of us, which is why it is important to remember that there are locksmiths who know just how to help you out.

However, not all of them can be trusted. Here are 10 steps you must take before hiring a professional locksmith. Find out how you can avoid unnecessary fees, damaged items, inefficient service, and other unpleasant surprises.

1. Look for a well-known business.

Locksmith businesses are well-known for a reason. Although in some cases, they might charge for more, you can guarantee that the service they provide has already been tried and tested by many. When businesses are well known, the easier they are to look up online or locals may be able to tell you more about them compared to places that are not. If you have time, look up your local locksmiths and check which one looks the most worth it in your opinion. Here in What’s the Damage’s Directory, we have listed businesses for each lock-related service you might need.

2. Ask locals for recommendations.

Even if it is indeed convenient to do your own research online, word by mouth has its own benefits as well. Your friends, family, and neighbours have recommendations and it is important to hear them out, learn about their experience, and determine if you want to try it out as well.

3. Check for licenses and certificates.

Any company and business must have legitimate documents that prove their authenticity. If you want to see if a place is legitimate, ask for their license and certificates that will tell you the time and effort they have put into the craft. When made to sign documents, it is only natural you have access to their legality in case you encounter any problem.

4. Make sure they are experienced in the industry.

Knowledge and skill grow through many years of experience. Make sure that the locksmith you hired has studied and worked long enough in the field, to lessen the risks of a failed service. You’ll feel at ease knowing the locksmith you sought help in has already experienced and fixed the problem you currently have

5. Guarantee product warranty.

Fixing locks is not the only job a locksmith has. They can install new locks, cut new keys, and install security systems too. When they get you a new product for your security, there should be a warranty in case something goes wrong to prevent you from getting unnecessarily stressed. When handing you a warranty, the locksmith might ask to see your ID and have you sign an approval form. This is the right procedure, you do not need to fret.

6. Ask for your locksmith’s identification.

Anyone handling your security should be documented and taken note of. You may take a photo of the license plate of the vehicle they came with, as well as their ID when you ask for it. Should there be any issues in the future, you may contact the business directly and have the information of the locksmith handy.

7. Request a written estimate.

Any reputable locksmith business is willing to send you an estimated cost for your service even before you ask for it. Sneaky locksmiths may get away with charging you extra if you do not know what exactly you should be paying beforehand.

8. Check their online reviews.

Looking through what previous customers think of the service they have received is important information. You can gauge if they’re good or not based on their ratings and some reviews will let you know if there are things you have to take note of in every business. Here in What’s the Damage, we mention the ratings and reviews of every listed business to help you when checking them out.

9. Check their rates and charging policy.

Before getting into any service, ask for their rates and charging policy, and compare it to online reviews or local opinions. That way you can avoid unnecessary costs and cheating.

10. Follow the payment procedure.

Pay accordingly and ask for a receipt. The closer you follow their payment procedure, the easier it will be for you to avoid any liability in case a problem is encountered.

When in doubt, feel free to ask them questions or inquire beforehand. If you take a look at any listing here, the necessary contact information is always available for you to check out.

Fun in Locksmith Exhibitions

What are exhibitions? In a nutshell, they are trade shows that offer a wide platform for brands to showcase their products, services and communicate their key message to a large audience that is at least interested in it. It can help people meet others that share the same interest and skill, widen their connections, and learn more about those that would normally stay in a separate area.

For business owners, it helps them market their products and services to a large audience, boosting their sponsorship and advertising opportunities. The people there are in the right frame of mind to hear others out. Finally, it helps business owners learn about their competitors and think about how they can compete against them more effectively in the future.

There are many exhibitions for all types of interests, you might even find a reptile show, the perfect place for you to learn about your favourite snake.

Locksmithing as a skill has been around for over 4,000 years, the first recorded locks dating back to 704 BC. As people that specialize in metal and repair work, locksmiths have been the perfect pick for everyone when it comes to their security, even after literal thousands of years.

With how important they are, of course, locksmiths have exhibitions as well!

MLA Expo, or Master Locksmiths Association Expo, is the UK and Europe’s largest locksmith exhibition. In the year 2021, they will return as the security event of the year, arguably the safest place to be.

From starting out as a small event in hotels, MLA Expo has grown significantly and is now the largest Locksmith and Security event of its kind in Europe, requiring a purpose-built exhibition venue of 6000+ square meters to house the significant number of exhibitors and visitors who attend the event.

Included in the list of exhibitors that will be visiting is APECS, Van Guard Accessories Ltd, Metric Safes, Adaptalock, Souber Tools, Abloy, Sold Secure, and way more! Each of them has their own forte, length of experience, and have all been recognized because of their work. They’ll present the best deals for locks, keys, and more items you might need for your security system.

Why should you attend MLA Expo? As you would with any expo, this is your chance to get your hands on the latest locksmith tools and security products, great show deals and the usual Excellent Locksmith Training, all at the premier locksmiths exhibition. It is open for anyone whether you are an aspiring locksmith in the industry or a simple citizen that is interested in learning more about them.

Besides stalls you can visit, and announcements you may listen in to, there will be training and seminars to help you widen your knowledge about locksmithing. Apparently, there will be over 80 classes being run with over 30 being free of charge, it continues to prove itself as a huge opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

If you want to read more about the event, the MLA has a website you can view where you can register to attend for free. If you’re reading this after the event has taken place, it is your chance to think about whether you want to join for another exhibition in the future.

What’s The Damage supports events that promote locksmithing and show how useful the industry can be.

Finding Passion in Locks and Keys

Locksmiths don’t just appear out of nowhere. Like most jobs, they require training and funding to start their own business. How do they get those? What does it take to be a locksmith?

Locksmiths are more important than most people think. They may sound like a low-key profession but the industry is large and it covers both domestic and commercial markets. After all, everyone values their security.

Those that receive the right set of training and certification are in demand and are never short of work. People are always seeking the right people to help them out with upgrading and building their security systems.

To become a locksmith, you do not necessarily need a previous qualification to start a training course somewhere. It depends, but the only thing some may need is a valid driving license. Anyone can do it, it is enough that you have the discipline to work and passion to learn.

Locksmith training courses cover the techniques you need to learn how to open a door without damage. Each course is different, some may provide your tools, some may take longer than others, some may be a breeze to go through. What solidifies your authenticity as a locksmith is skill and experience that will help gain people’s trust.

Why can’t you just install your own locks then? The question has the same ring as ‘why go to a hospital if you have essential oils.’ Sure, you could do that, but are you really doing the right thing?

Locksmiths studied the right way to install locks. They know the most secure types of locks for you, things you don’t know, unless you’re just as experienced as them in the field. Not only that, they cut keys, help out with emergency lockouts, gain entry to sealed areas and objects, upgrade security systems, travel to many different properties in various locations with a vehicle full of stock that they will need, and way more.

Locksmiths are the kind of professionals that will be needed for a long time, and they are aware of the fact that times are changing, so they change and upgrade with it. You can count on them when it comes to CCTV installations and even car key programming. Even as an industry dominated by men, women are still encouraged to join in. Diversifying your skill leads to more work, you never truly stop learning.

However, all that being said, there are difficulties that come with it as well.

Locksmiths get flooded by calls from advertisers as soon as their business is up, and referral services may charge you for helping out. There is always the risk of work getting saturated in the area you want to base in, leading to you getting forced to lower your prices. As a beginner, you might have to spend a few years to gain experience.

It all comes down to passion and bravery. No matter the hardship you may face in the future, it is important to remember that “locksmiths won’t be needed in the future” has no truth to it. There will always be a need for a “security professional.” Hard work pays off eventually. Anticipate the people that will owe you their security in the future.

Lock Types: What Works Best For You?

When building or upgrading your own security system, one of the many things that may surprise you is how wide the selection of types of locks really is. Naturally, it is important to know what they are in detail to help you know which would work the best for you.

  • Padlocks

Arguably the most common and easiest to distinguish for the common people is the padlock. It’s easy to “install” and use, an all-around type of lock that is easier to replace than repair as it rarely gets damaged in the first place. The padlock is the only type of lock that isn’t permanently attached to anything. They come in different shapes and sizes to fit a specific purpose but they come in just two different varieties, combination and keyed. The combination type is easier to decode, as it only needs some dials to press for it to open, while the keyed version is much harder to pry open.

  • Deadbolt

Deadbolt locks are generally installed on front doors, most accurately described as a flat device with a keyhole that locks and unlocks doors. This type of lock comes in three primary varieties: single, double, and lockable thumbturn. The main weakness of the deadbolt lock is that it is easy to open through any nearby opening where people can turn the thumbturn, if there is one, and gain access to any place or room they want to enter. It still depends on which type you feel is most suitable for the door you have in mind.

  • Knob Locks

This type of lock is most frequently installed along with a deadbolt in residential situations, although it can be used on its own as well, it generally isn’t advised to be used on external doors. Knob locks aren’t for main security functions, since the lock itself is located inside the knob, not the door. They are easy to break off with a hammer or wrench, completely rendering their function useless. Reconsider using a knob lock for your front door, it may be safer to use it on your bathroom or other doors instead.

  • Lever Handle Lock

These are the locks you may see in the inner doors of establishments and businesses. The lever function makes them very easy to open, perfect for a place where people are expected to be going in and out of areas.

  • Cam Locks

Cam locks are small and handy, perfect for cabinets and mailboxes that need to be private. They come in several different lengths and can use a variety of tailpieces or “cams” to interface with another locking mechanism. Cam locks rotate in 90 or 180 degrees for you to gain access to a small container.

  • Rim/Mortise Lock

Both locks are commonly used in commercial settings, although similar in appearance, the rim and the mortise lock differ in the way their lockin systems operate. The mortise lock is built with a cam on the back that revolves as the key is turned in the lock. Meanwhile, the rim lock is a threaded stem that turns the lock along with the key.

  • Euro Profile Cylinder

Sometimes referred to as DIN Cylinders, the Euro Profile Cylinder is quite common in Europe as well as in North America and other parts of the world. It is relatively standard, held by a single screw, making the type easy to remove because of the lack of reinforcement. They come in several varieties: single cylinder (one-sided), double cylinder, and single cylinder with thumbturn.

  • Jimmy Proof Deadbolt

They’re a surface-mount lock frequently found in apartments and double doors. If you were to relate it to woodworking, it looks very similar to a dovetail joint. They can be attached to any door, making them easy to install, and therefore preferred by many.

  • Wall Mounted Lock

As the name suggests, this type of lock is directly mounted into the wall connected to the door or opening. They can be used for small storages, safes, and establishments, and they’re frequently built with alarm sensors.

  • IC Cylinder

The Interchangeable Core Cylinder is frequently used in larger institutions and businesses and are known for their easy ability to re-key the lock by swapping out the core without taking the lock apart. A separate key is used to take apart the core of the lock without the need to disassemble everything. This makes it very easy to upgrade, hence why it is preferred by businesses.

  • Furniture Lock

Like the cam lock, the furniture lock can be used for cabinets and desks, what differentiates it is that it can be safely used for sliding doors as well. Using a key, a furniture lock opens when you turn it and the rod that keeps things secure retracts into the body.

  • Rim Latch Lock

The Rim Latch Lock has a cylinder on one side and a surface mount latch lock on the other, letting it auto-lock the door behind you. Although it isn’t necessarily designed to be able to take much force, you can use it on external locks by pairing it with other locks.

There are still a number of locks that weren’t listed here. However, it is important to note that a locksmith’s input on what type you should use can make a huge difference. Their experience and skill can help you out, and they can recommend locks that they know will protect you.

When it comes to your security, don’t just settle for what’s available and convenient. Here at What’s The Damage, we show locksmith prices throughout the UK to help you compare. We hope that the short description of the previously mentioned lock types helps you out!

Why Is It Important to Have a Local Locksmith?

Why are there so many locksmiths? Just one look at What’s The Damage’s Directory makes you wonder, why can’t there be just one main shop for the country? Isn’t it confusing to have so many?

It’s obvious. It’s convenient and useful for everyone involved, the locksmith and the customer.

Like many local businesses, the closer they are to the centre of civilization, the more they profit. People will naturally prefer a place that is fast and easy for them to reach. Why do we need local restaurants, local laundromats, local groceries? No one will spend 2 hours of travel just to get a refill for the lowest shelf of their fridge. No one will wake up at 7 am on a Saturday just to catch the right bus and arrive on time for their lunch reservation. Businesses choose to stay close to the people so that in return, the people choose them back. It’s convenient, it’s fast, it benefits everyone.

Additionally, the closer a certain service is, the faster they can respond to any possible emergency. Almost every city has one or more of its own fire department, police department, hospital, and more. It is much safer for the citizens, and relative peace is kept in the city.

Security is one of the many expertise of a  locksmith. It concerns the safety of our houses and our own businesses. The closer the locksmith is, the faster they can respond to emergencies such as break-ins and sudden key snapping incidents.

In the event of you suddenly breaking your front door key, it’s a huge relief that you don’t have to spend the night outside your home or risk disturbing a family member that has your spare key. You could just call the local locksmith that will take just around 15 minutes to reach you. If you suddenly break your car key, you don’t have to come late to work, a locksmith can help you out with that as well.

When you have a local locksmith in your area, the easier it is to ask around for their opinion on the service as well. Through the people and their own experiences, you can determine if someone or the business you’re interested in is trustworthy enough for you to seek out as well. You can also start to form your own opinion of the locksmith, and have an expectation before you decide to call them.

When it comes to your security, sometimes looking up tips and stuff on the internet isn’t enough. It still makes a big difference to have a nearby professional that you can call or visit. That way, you can talk to someone that has the right training and skills, and avoid incorrect or outdated information.

A local locksmith’s experience includes knowledge of the city’s threat level. They know how many locks your house should include, where your cameras should face, and will offer to survey your house to check if your other openings such as windows are easy for intruders to open. 

Having a local locksmith saves you from spending more than you should compare to calling a locksmith outside your city. It can be hard to trust someone that likely hasn’t been to your area yet.

When it comes to the safety of your family and your belongings, it is important to have a professional within your reach. Don’t forget to get your local locksmith’s contact information and have it handy at all times. Here at What’s The Damage, every business listed has their complete contact information and links to their website written for everyone to see. We aim to support the industry and those that seek their help.

Why wait? Click your city in our directory and check the businesses listed under it so you have their information ready for any future use!

8 Magnificent American States and Major Facts You May Have Missed About Them!

How well do you know American geography?

Are you familiar with the individual states? It can be overwhelming to familiarize yourself with each one and every single one, considering the number of states reaches an astounding 50! In this article, we’ve focused on introducing American states that start with the letter M, as in M for Mike.

Here are some of the most bizarre, random fun facts you might now know about these majestic places!

Where do they get their names from?

Minnesota’s name originated from the Santee Sioux’s word mní sóta, meaning ‘cloudy or sky-tinted water,’ used to describe the Minnesota River. Nicknamed “The Land of 10,000 Lakes”, more than 3.1 million acres of their total surface area is covered in water. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR) estimates 14,380 lakes exist in the state alone!

Mississippi is yet another state with its name tied to a body of water. Everyone knows the age-old question, “Which came first— the state or the river?”. Maybe not quite, but did the state of Mississippi get its name from the famed river or vice versa? The correct answer is the latter. Its name originated from messipi, the French rendering for Ojibwa’s original name for the river— Misi-ziibi,” which roughly translates to ‘great river’. The title is incredibly spot-on; the Mississippi River is North America’s second-longest river and second-largest drainage, spanning 3,730 km.

Now that we’ve answered our previous question, let’s move onto the next— how often have you caught yourself having difficulty spelling Massachusetts? Don’t worry; you’re most likely not the only one to experience this. Ylvis, a Norwegian music act famous for their hit single “What does the fox say?”, parodied how it’s spelled with their song, “Massachusetts“. In celebration of the 2016 Scripps National Spelling Bee, Google Trends released the most spell-checked words by each state. Among the many words searched for by residents of the state, the word that tops the list is, you guessed it, the state name itself— Massachusetts. People took to the internet to poke fun at the irony of it all. 

Moving onto Michigan, a state that is full of contradictions. Don’t believe me? Even though Wisconsin is dubbed Peninsula State, Michigan is the only state with two peninsulas—the Upper Peninsula. Still not convinced? The state is traditionally known as the Wolverine State, originating from the 1835 Toledo War against Ohio. Soldiers likened themselves to a wolverine’s combativeness and ill-temper. Despite this, the last actual wolverine sighting in Michigan was back in 2004, more than 200 years since the previous one. Before we confuse any reader out there, no, we are not referring to Marvel’s fictional superhero Wolverine. 

Speaking of popular pop icons, perhaps you’ve heard of Edgar Allan Poe, one of America’s most accredited writers of all time. Moving to Maryland to pursue literature, the Baltimore resident’s most famous poem is “The Raven”. The NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, a professional football (or, if you prefer, hand egg) team, is named after said poem to honor Poe’s literary achievements. Another notable literary figure from Maryland is F. Scott Fitzgerald, who coined and popularized the term Jazz Age.

Here are some of the craziest stories in history!

Social media has given us access to new knowledge every day. Tons of online forums have discussed various unorthodox laws found in the state of Montana. Single women are prohibited from fishing alone, whereas married women can fish solo except on Sundays. In addition, it is considered a felony for wives to open their husband’s mail. In the city of Helena, it is illegal to throw items across the street or play folf, the colloquial term for frisbee golf, outside of designated folf courses at night (Ord. 2797, 6-23-1997). If you’re visiting Montana anytime soon, married woman or not, check their laws to avoid possible jail time.

On the other hand, do you think that it would be illegal to cheat in sports events? Aside from hosting the World Fair, Missouri was home to the 1904 Summer Olympics, the first-ever Olympic Games held in the USA, in St. Louis. In particular, the Men’s 40km Marathon gained notoriety for awarding Frederick Lorz the gold medal. The reason? Lorz rode his manager’s car at the 14.5km mark to the finish line, giving him a much-needed, albeit illegal, boost to the top. Thomas Hicks went on to be the official winner later on, despite doping with strychnine. This is definitely one of the controversial Olympic scandals in history!

We’re down to our last, but definitely not the least, state in this long list. If there’s one thing Maine is most known for, it’s their lobsters. In fact, the state supplies 90% of all lobsters in the country! However, a lesser-known food-related fact is that donut holes originated in Maine. Captain Hanson Crockett Gregor is widely credited for creating the iconic doughnuts we know and love today. Back in 1847, the then 15-year-old punched a hole through his mother’s fried cakes to prevent soggy and undercooked centers, a common problem for the tasty treats back then.

Even though it seems like we’ve covered everything, in reality, we’ve barely scratched the surface. This is just the tip of the iceberg; there’s so much to learn about the M states! Each state is chockfull of its own unique history and identity that helps it stand out from the rest, so be sure to check out as much as you can!


Bare in Mind or Bear in Mind?

Which phrase is “right”? Bare in mind or bear in mind?

As people, we are constantly gathering and losing thoughts and memories. We gain encounters, and experiences throughout our entire lives, up until the moment it ends. Have you ever found yourself idle, with nothing but just your thoughts? For example, a random passing object reminded you of something you thought you have already forgotten, or an instance that made u feel you experienced deja vu. How about needing to actively remember something so a lesson it has left can help you out in the present?

What do you do, do you “bear in mind” or “bare in mind”?

To non-native English speakers, both phrases might be a subject of confusion and could get used incorrectly. To start things off, how is bear and bare different?

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the transitive verb bear means “to accept or allow oneself to be subjected to especially without giving way”, “to call for suitable or essential”, “to admit of”. Among many other definitions, one that fits the context of this article is “to hold in the mind or emotions.” To bear in mind is to be aware of and remember something, to be mindful. It is often used as a reminder for someone that is forgetting something that is a factor in certain aspects of a certain situation.

It is arguably the more common phrase that people use, some may even say it is the “correct” way to spell and use the phrase.

On the other hand, Merriam Webster says that bare as a verb means “to make or lay something bare” is to uncover. It is more commonly used to describe the lack of coverage or clothing of something. Now if we apply it to the context of remembering something, to bare in mind is to open the mind, reveal something perhaps.

Essentially, they are both used to remember something, but which would you use if you want to recall something important? Now that we’ve learned how different bear and bare are as verbs, the answer is quite simple.

“Bear in mind” is not only the more commonly used one, it holds the much more obvious message it wants to convey; to remember and be mindful of something. In some instances, it can replace the word “remember” in a sentence.

If you have to take a long trip somewhere far away from your home, you have to bear in mind that leaving your appliances plugged in is dangerous and could destroy more than the appliance itself. You have to bear in mind that if you have plants or pets that will be left behind, you might need to hire someone who can take care of them instead or ask a family member to stay and watch everything while you’re away. Before you leave, bear in mind that you should take care of all the chores, such as washing the dishes and doing the laundry first, because it wouldn’t be pleasant for you to come home and have no time to rest comfortably.

Of course, using it that much would be redundant, but those were only examples.

However, “bare in mind” isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s just a lot more useful in a different setting, like a novel or something similar, but not as a verb.

To describe someone as “bare in mind” can be synonymous with calling them open-minded, which isn’t a bad characteristic at all. Though at the same time, someone “bare in mind” can be interpreted as someone with nothing in their mind, someone dull, or stupid. When it comes to that, the method of inserting the phrase matters. For example, if it follows a set of good adjectives, or if the character being described has already been established as well-meaning and good overall. 

To answer the question you encountered at the beginning of this article, it depends on the context but since you’ve already gone through the definitions and examples of both, you can rest assured that you won’t make such a drastic mistake when you ask yourself which of the two to use.

If you’re still having trouble, just imagine, the mammal bear is covered from head to toe with fur, and in no way, would you call that bare. That way, you can easily figure out how the two phrases can differ, so you can choose which is more appropriate for the context you want to use it on.

A mum’s hack stopped her from buying new school shoes

A young girl’s shoes have gone viral for an unusual hack. Veronique McDermott was understandably hesitant to purchase new school shoes for her five-year-old daughter Brooke because her front ones were scuffed after just three weeks at school. She first tried to cover the marks with a Sharpie pen and nail polish, then she decided to try to use electric tape to an amazing effect. When Veronique McDermott did this, her daughter’s shoes lasted for months.

She was so successful, she’s doing it again to get even more out of the same pair of £12 shoes. She posted about it on the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas Facebook page, which was recently renamed Family Lowdown, she said: “When I bought my kid’s first pair of school shoes within three weeks she had damaged the toes which looked horrible but I couldn’t bring myself to buy another pair knowing the shoes still had loads of life in them. So I thought I’d tape the toes with electric wire tape. They lasted ages and I’ve now done the second round on the same pair. Ready to last hopefully another few months!”

Hundreds of parents have reacted to Veronique’s message, praising her “amazing idea.”. One mother said, “Game changer!” and another added, “I’m on my third now at school and this is actual genius lol!! So simple and I’ve never thought to do this! Thank you lol! X”

‘Not a single person has noticed the shoe repair,’ the mother of one told the M.E.N’s Manchester Family, and when she pointed it out to them, ‘they’re all surprised at how it seems to be the originally purchased shoes.’

She said, “I was disgusted with the idea of throwing away nearly new shoes and thought of loads of different ways to rescue them. I tried nail polish and Sharpie and it didn’t last or looked really obvious. I saw the tape and thought to try it and it looked amazing. When my friend asked if I could do the same with her daughter’s shoes I realised other mums might find it useful. So I shared on the group not expecting such a huge response.”

A locksmith became a hero for a distraught family

A locksmith with experience was hailed a hero to a family. This locksmith dashed and helped a bedbound man and his distraught daughter.

The locksmith, Alan Ayers who is 64 years old, owns Lockforce Colchester for the past 2 years and has experience being a locksmith for 25 years. He got a call from a distressed Lisa Matthews, whose mother is being treated in hospital, while working on a job in Lexden.

Struggling to get out her thoughts, she explained to Mr. Ayers that her elderly and sick father was stuck at home alone, due to his caregiver having difficulty in getting in. Mr. Ayers then said to calm down, he noticed that she was so stressed and was panicking.

Alan Ayers stated that, “I immediately dropped what I was doing and rushed over there and managed to get the door unlocked and get inside. I then went and calmed her dad down and then made him a cup of tea and had a chat with him before calling his daughter to tell her he was all OK. She literally burst into tears and was so pleased and relieved, because she was working the other side of London, so was not able to get there.”

Mr. Ayers went about his day after fixing the back door of the Colchester property, which was kept shut with bits of wood, and said nothing more about it. However, he began receiving phone calls and texts from friends and family informing him that he had just been named Hero of the Day on a programme named Sara Cox’s Radio 2 show.

Mr Ayers said: “I was flabbergasted because this Lisa Matthews had put me up for it because of what I did for her and I was just stunned. It was all about how much of a hero I was and ever since then people have been calling me about it. It is all a bit embarrassing if I am honest. But I will definitely call Lisa soon to thank her.”

Mr. Ayers has had to help people get out of sticky circumstances on several occasions during his long career as a locksmith. He rescued an NHS doctor who had locked himself out of his car and left his house keys inside earlier this year, for example.

“People do panic when they lose their keys, so I shot round there straight away, and he was so pleased. After what the doctors and nurses have done this past year, I will never charge them again for my services – they deserve It,” added Mr. Ayers.

However, Mr Ayer’s most amusing encounter of getting others out of trouble involved a trapped man in a bath towel and a mischievous pet pup. He said: “I got a call from a man in Bergholt saying he had been locked out of his house and was in his neighbour’s home. When I got there, he came out with just a towel around him, and so I had to ask him what had happened. He told me he had gone to check if the milkman had dropped off his milk and then the dog had jumped and shut the door before him. It was right on the High Street as well so everyone could see him. I could not stop laughing – that was a really funny one.”