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Millionaire Rishi Sunak and the Shoe Sole Hole

Millionaire Rishi Sunak appeared in a Tory leadership debate in the North East leaving quite an impression with his outfit. His beaten up shoes in need of a shoe repair were in stark contrast to his visit to a building site last month, when he was seen sporting Prada suede shoes estimated to be around £490. In fact, this time, photographers at the event were quick to notice a certain flaw in his shoes. It was a considerably large hole on the underside and a rip on the side of his left shoe.

A large hole on the underside of Mr Sunak’s left shoe (Picture: Newcastle Chronicles)

As this was uncharacteristic of him, it was speculated to have been a planned move by his team. His colleagues in the House of Commons has previously called him “out of touch”. This was for allegedly wearing Prada shoes and a £3,500 suit.

Mr Sunak and his wife, Akshata Murty, have an estimated combined worth of £730 million. With luxury enough to place 222nd in the Sunday Time’s list of the wealthiest people in the UK, he should be able to afford a simple shoe repair, further suggesting that this was a farce to demonstrate that he is just another layman struggling with the rest of the population.

There is a lot more to be said about the politics of this event. However, we’re not here to provide political commentary. If you want more of that, you may visit news sites which covered the debate like the Daily Mail or Mirror. Instead, we are here to provide you with advice and price guides for shoe repairs.

Shoe Repair Prices in the UK

You don’t have to be a multi-millionaire like Mr Sunak to be able to afford a shoe repair. If you find a hole at the sole of your loaders, a sole and heel replacement and repair will set you back on average just £37. Meanwhile, best quality materials and service for the same product is on average just £6 more expensive.

On to other materials, a ¼-inch rubber heels cost about £17 on average while a standard quality men’s ½-inch rubber soles and heels will be at £26. For quality names like Vibram and Dr Martens, expect to spend even more at roughly £50 for replacement units.

For the ladies, a price for a pair of stiletto heel repairs is just £8 on average. On the other hand, a standard 2-inch requiring repair and replacement is just around the same price at £8.50.

We also have price guides for other shoe modifications that cobblers offer. These include but are not limited to shoe shines, shoe stretching, belt shortening, re-stitching, and elastic repairs. You may view our shoe repair guides or check out our directory to find the nearest cobbler near you.

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