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Should I get a smart lock on my front door?

In the industry, we are getting more and more inquiries about Smart Locks, or key-less locks. A Smart lock may be seen as an easy solution to some common problems. Many of these requests come from air B&B owners wanting a solution for multiple users. In these type of situations, Smart Locks seem like an excellent solution. In reality, they are unreliable and not compatible with the users needs.

Do you see multiple articles saying smart locks are the future? The future maybe, but not the present. The articles you see praising them are usually from sellers of these locks. The technology may be good, but not on a modern day uPVC or composite door. Doors that drop, Doors that swell in the heat, doors that sometimes need a bit of encouragement to open or close.  In these cases, smart locks aren’t really that smart.

By giving you remote control over your front door from anywhere, key-free ways to unlock and lock your door, a smart lock is viewed by some as one of the best smart home upgrades you can make.

No keys? What could go wrong? Have you read about the multiple thefts of Ranger Rovers and other high end cars when key-less technology is hacked? If someone can hack a car and steal your car, there’s going to someone who can hack your front door lock in seconds.

I am however aware, that many people reading this article will have already made up their mind, and will think a smart lock is for them. If this is something you want, then it’s worth doing your research. Read the positive reviews with a pinch of salt and critique the negative ones to see the real picture.

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