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Welcome to the Car Keys & Fobs Prices Section. We look at all the popular Car Keys & Fobs in The UK and Ireland and advise what you can expect to pay your local Auto Locksmith. Data is collected through surveys and price checks.

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Old car keys can easily be cut by your local key cutter.
A lot will depend on whether you travel to the business or the locksmith comes to you.
Would you bring your own burger and bun into McDonalds and ask them to cook it for you? Many key cutters and locksmiths feel this way about people bringing their own key blanks to them.  There are many reasons that key cutters don't like to offer this service.  But there are many that will. Its best to contact your local shop to ask them beforehand.
This remote covers the Opel Astra J and the Opel Insignia.  2 or 3 button. Suitable for the following models: Opel Adam, Astra J (2009 +), Mokka, Zafira C (2012 +), Insignia. You should know that this is a price for a spare key when you have a working key already.  If you have no working keys then the price will be more expensive.
Sticky situations such as losing or damaging your keys or being locked outside of your car are unavoidable. There's no fixed cost to open a locked car— prices may vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Some vehicles need to be bypassed or picked open. In most cases, nondestructive methods are utilized to ensure no damage on your property, but some locks need to be drilled on rare occasions. Whatever the case may be, you should contact competent technicians immediately. Skilled auto locksmiths can effortlessly formulate plans of action when you come to them for help. Normal rates apply when availing services during business hours. Prices may differ for situations that require immediate assistance.
This key is for the Land Rover Freelander 2 (2007 - 2012) Most Auto locksmiths will be able to make a spare key quite easily.  Genuine parts are more expensive so most Auto Locksmiths will offer a cheaper aftermarket alternative. Some cobblers may offer this key as a service.  Access to the vehicle is required.  If you have lost all keys, this price could increase by around 50%.
This is for a spare, aftermarket key for a Ford Fiesta. This is price if you are bringing your car to a shop or to a locksmith directly. If you call a locksmith out to come to you, the price will usually be around 30% dearer. This is for a spare key, if you've misplaced all of your keys, go here. Do note that it would be more costly.
This is for a Vauxhall Corsa spare aftermarket key. This is the price if you take your car to a shop or a locksmith on your own. When you hire a locksmith to come to your place, the cost is typically about 30% higher. This is for a spare key, if you lost all your keys, click here. Do note that it will be more expensive.
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