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How Repairing My Shoes Can Help Climate Change

Shoes are an everyday necessity for all individuals. But the statistics show that we have been misusing this necessity by deeming it garbage much sooner than we should and this has, in turn, caused our consumption of shoes to go higher and higher. This is extremely harmful to our climate for a number of reasons. We can bring about a positive change in our deteriorating climate if only we can slow down this consumption. How can we do that? It is quite simple. We should be meticulous and recycle and repair our shoes rather than throwing them away after slight damage.

Making stuff requires raw material as well as manpower. Our consumption is predicted to be twice as much as it is now by the year 2030. This is extremely damaging, considering how much our environment has already been impacted negatively. This year, the climate has changed quite drastically and it has made it snow in summery areas and some yearly cold areas have seen the sun.

It has resulted in the extinction of countless species and also spread diseases due to the waste that is produced.

Buying too many shoes without being mindful only contributes to this waste and damage. Repairing shoes can help quite a lot in climate change. Some ways it can help are listed below:

  • It Can Help Reduce Carbon Dioxide 

    Based on recent research, a normal pair of shoes used for running produces about 13.6 kg of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is extremely harmful as it adds to global warming and contributes a great deal to climate change. When we will repair our shoes and enhance their lifespan, it’ll automatically lower our consumption and thus also lower how many are manufactured.

  • It Will Decrease Waste 

Another thing that plays a huge role in the rapidly changing climate is garbage. We should be careful about throwing away our shoes that can be fixed as it is extremely disadvantageous to our mother earth in the long run.

  • It is Eco-Friendly and Inexpensive

Culture of chucking out your shoes after slight damage is highly toxic for the earth. You can easily get your shoes repaired and that too, inexpensively. New shoes can make you spend your money unnecessarily when you can get your existing pair repaired to be good as new.

Repairing your shoes may seem like a small thing, but if you look at the bigger picture, you will realize just how much it can help our changing climate and mother earth. When we buy more shoes instead of recycling, we damage the earth as shoes produce carbon dioxide and contribute to waste. There are many alternatives even if you do not want to keep a pair of shoes at all. You can get them repaired and then donate them to goodwill. It is much better than throwing them away and in return, contributing to the dying earth. We can still reverse the damages of this earth before it is too late.

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