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1.5 volt battery with pressure test

This is best done by a watch repairman. Changing the battery yourself and doing a pressure test may seem like

Customer supplies a wine glass gets it engraved with up tp 50 characters

Wine glass engraving has become a trend in the past recent years, with the order process becoming easier as time pass by. You can now order online using online tools to design your personalized wine glass.

deluxe watch strap including fitting?

You can get a new deluxe watch strap through your most trusted watch shops. Most of these straps are made of top quality leather from a range of popular European manufacturers.  

How Much Does It Cost For A Budget Watch Strap, Including Fitting?

There are many different types of budget watch straps on the market. Most of which are made of genuine leather and other good quality materials.

How much for a Pet Tag engraved with the name, address and telephone number?

Engraved pet tags offer a convenient way to keep your pet safe. They are lightweight, affordable and even trendy.

Metal strap alteration (remove 4 links)

Metal straps from watches can easily be removed as the chain itself has been designed to allow resizing and readjusting.

Miyota 6m12 type movement replacement

For the past four decades, Miyota has been the trusted movement manufacturer for many different brands worldwide. The company has a factory in Japan where they produce high quality movements at high speed production rates.

Plastic signs 200mm x 50mm (for a door) engraved with 12 characters

Plastic engraving services are offered by many engraving shops. You can mostly decide how exactly you want the sign to look.