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Key Locked Inside Car – Charge to Open Vehicle (During Normal Working Hours)

The cost to open a locked car with your keys inside can vary.  Some vehicles locks can be bypassed, some need to be picked open.  A competent auto locksmith with have a plan in their head ready to go as soon as you provide them the make and model of them vehicle.  99 percent of these entries should be non destructive but if the locks are seized, they may need to be drilled on very rare occasions.

Laser Car Key Cutting – Key blank supplied by customer

Would you bring your own burger and bun into McDonalds and ask them to cook it for you? Many key cutters and locksmiths feel this way about people bringing their own key blanks to them.  There are many reasons that key cutters don't like to offer this service.  But there are many that will. Its best to contact your local shop to ask them beforehand.

Old style ford vehicle key

Old car keys can easily be cut by your local key cutter.

Price For An Aftermarket Spare Remote Key (Including Programming) For Freelander 2

This key is for the Land Rover Freelander 2 (2007 - 2012) Most Auto locksmiths will be able to make a spare key quite easily.  Genuine parts are more expensive so most Auto Locksmiths will offer a cheaper aftermarket alternative. Some cobblers may offer this key as a service.  Access to the vehicle is required.  If you have lost all keys, this price could increase by around 50%.

Spare 3 button ford remote, cut blade & cloned chip (aftermarket)

A lot will depend on whether you travel to the business or the locksmith comes to you.

Vauxhall (Opel) Insignia Spare Key & Programming (Aftermarket)

This remote covers the Opel Astra J and the Opel Insignia.  2 or 3 button. Suitable for the following models: Opel Adam, Astra J (2009 +), Mokka, Zafira C (2012 +), Insignia. You should know that this is a price for a spare key when you have a working key already.  If you have no working keys then the price will be more expensive.