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Price to Replace Garage Door Lock

The mechanism of a garage door lock is to use a bolt to block the door track. There are a number of garage door locks available, some of which are attached from the inside and/or outside, and each of which serves a particular purpose depending on the type of garage door you want to secure. Repairing this is fortunately, quick and easy.

Price to Replace uPVC Window Handle / Lock

The last line of defence and safety from the outside world is the window. They keep everything secure on the inside while keeping the outside elements out of your home. Replacing a window lock is quick for a quality locksmith.  Please note:  Sometimes the issue is with the window mechanism and / or hinges.  This will be a bigger job and will cost more.

Price to Supply & Fit uPVC Door Handles

UPVC door handles can be installed on any form of uPVC door, including front and back doors, french doors, and even bi-fold doors, but they are checked to various security requirements, with some being more stable than others. Fitting this is quick and easy for a locksmith

Price To Upgrade A Euro Lock To A 3 Star Cylinder (Supply And Fit)

It is very important that you have a secure home. Should you suspect that your current euro cylinders are outdated and vulnerable to attack, you should seriously consider replacing these locks with high security, 3 Star cylinders. The euro cylinder can be the most vulnerable part of your door. By using techniques that we will not discuss here, a burglar may be able to gain access in less than 60 seconds, if you have an antiquated or ill fitting cylinder. The BSI kitemark is a certification mark that represents safety and quality and is trusted and respected throughout the world. In the UK a growing number of insurance companies now insist that any euro  lock fitted to an external door must have a British Standard Kitemark