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Gents Stick-on Soles

Stick-on soles are there to provide anti-slip properties for the shoes and also to remedy small tears on soles before the damage gets worse. If you haven’t been to a shoe repair shop before, consider choosing an independant one as they may charge less. Bigger repair companies tend to be more expensive as they have bigger overheads. Nevertheless, there’s no harm in doing research and comparing prices before you decide on a shop.

Ladies Leather ½ Soles – Repairs and Replacements

Replacement soles for ladies shoes are easily available through shoe repair stores. Depending on the type and thickness they are glued or stitched on.

Ladies Rubber Soles & 2 Inch Heels – Replacements and Repairs

Ladies rubber soles and 2-inch heels can get worn out with too much use. Luckily, having them repaired is quick and easy.

Ladies Standard Heels Requiring a 2-inch Heel – Repair and Replacements

The larger the heel replacement, the more costly it will be. The quality of material is another price factor.

Ladies Stick On Soles

Ladies stick-on soles offer an easy way to repair damaged soles. Their non-slip properties also help a lot in making new shoes feel more comfortable.

Ladies thin 3mm toe pieces

Toe pieces can be repaired with rubber or leather depending on your needs.

Leather Gents Toe Pieces

Toe pieces can be repaired with rubber or leather depending on your needs.

Leather Sock Linings

Leather sock linings can be replaced if yours are already worn out. You can buy the linings so you can replace them by yourself or you can also bring your shoes to a repair shop for a sturdier result.

Price For Stiletto Heel Replacement (Pair)

Damaged stiletto heels can be quickly repaired with quality replacement heels. These replacements are usually made of plastic, metal or both. Prices can vary depending on the size and quality of the replacements.

Price for Velcro Closures Shoe Repair

Canvas sneakers with Velcro straps instead of laces are known as Velcro sneakers. Sneakers are a type of athletic running shoe with a soft upper and a rubber sole. They're meant to be worn when competing in sports, but they've become very popular as a casual shoe.

Price of a Footbed and Full Sole

A footbed is a cushioned and contoured insole designed to provide orthopedic support. A full sole has a bottom that covers the entire sole of the foot.

Price of a Shoe Shine

A shoe shine is the method of cleaning shoes with a range of cleaning materials that are specifically made to clean shoes. If your shoes are losing its shine and new look, a professional shoe shine may make the world of a difference.