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Why Do Shoe Repairers Cut Keys?

Have you ever been in a position where you need to get your shoes repaired? Or you have to urgently get keys made for replacement or get them duplicated? You can find both of these services at a shoe repairer. 

You will often see that the cobbler you see repairing shoes also has a side business. This business revolves around key cutting. It’s an interesting combination, isn’t it? While the two jobs are completely different, there are similarities when it comes to the tools used for both of them. But let’s look at the details of how and why do shoe repairers are almost always found cutting keys. 

Economical factor

To a person with no knowledge of what type of tools are used in the two businesses, it seems like an odd pair of businesses working together. However, looking closely at the functionality of the shoe repairer and key cutting business, you’ll realize that their equipment is very much similar. 

Shoe repairing in itself isn’t an extremely profitable business. And when you think about it, neither is key cutting. If a shoe repairer can start two businesses, side by side, without having to invest more than he already has, then that would be extremely beneficial for him! Think of it as a way to be sustainable. If a shoe repairer was left to only repair shoes, turnover would often not sustain the business. With two businesses, there’s still some possibility of being able to generate enough income for themselves.

The underlying factor why cobblers cut keys is mostly because they have ample time to make use of their equipment and do something productive with it. Not only is this efficient, but the shoe repairer is also able to diversify his business and make sure that there’s a backup ready for him. 


We all know that the demand for shoe repairs have gone down significantly. This is mostly because of the increased production of high-quality shoes and the throw away would in which we live. Not many 20 or 30 somethings get their shoes repaired. They would rather purchase a new pair. This thinking has cost shoe repairers a huge portion of their income. So, they are going to be looking for ways to increase their income. 

Key cutting, over the years, has proved to be a vital part of a shoe repairer’s business. With the increased population and the high demand for houses, there’s always a demand for a new key or a replacement of key. 

While one of the businesses of shoe repairers is finding it difficult to sustain, the other business is on a much more stable path. This is primarily why shoe repairers still have some recognition in the market.

They’re providing a service that isn’t their fundamental job description. However, they’re profiting from it! Sustainability is the main aim for every type of business, thus shoe repairers cut keys achieve this notion. 

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