What Affects Locksmith Prices?

When you move houses or buy one for the first time, the first thing that you should do is get a locksmith to change your locks. Do you feel like your lock is insecure and could easily be broken? Guess what? You need a locksmith again. 

What they charge you primarily depends on the kind of job you want to be done and how long it will take to finish the work. Let’s look at some of the factors that play a part in the change in the prices of a locksmith. 

Type of Work Required

One of the key things that affect the price of a locksmith is the type of job you require them to do. Making you a key or replacing one is a simpler job for locksmiths and often costs you very little. However, if your job revolves around you getting your entire locks replaced with new ones, then it’s sure to be costly. This would require more work for the locksmith which would result in them charging more.

Time of the Day

During usual working hours, locksmith prices are pretty much the standard rate throughout the region. However, if you need the locksmith outside of the normal hours, they’re going to charge you a bit more as they’ll be going out of their way to accommodate you. So, if you’re thinking of calling a locksmith during a holiday, then you better be prepared for a slightly higher price.


If you wish to get work done that requires the locksmith to come to you, then the price will depend on your location. If you’re close by and have a straight and easy route, then the cost is likely to be lower. But if you live far on a tricky route, then the charges would fluctuate and go higher. This cost would include their transportation cost and the extra time it took for them to get to you. 

Materials Used

There are different types of locks available at the locksmith. Depending on your need, they’ll put the lock accordingly. If you wish to go for extremely high-quality material, then it’s sure to be a little more expensive than the average quality locks there. The cheaper locks you decide to get, the lower the cost will be for you. 

Labour Hours

Simple things such as making a key or duplicating one don’t take too much time and the locksmith can move on to other clients. However, if the work you need to get done requires a lot of labour hours, then this will have a direct effect on the price of the locksmith. The more hours are taken by the locksmith, the higher to price and the lesser hours taken, the lower the price for you.


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