I’ve Got Locked Out of My Own Home

With the hustle and bustle of every day life, keeping or bringing your home key is one of the least you’d think of. Until you come home… After a stressful day from work, all you’d like to do is to lay down and watch TV. Though your body thirsts for the comfort of your bed, there’s one avoidable hindrance to it: your own door.

Now you’re either on the streets or on your garage. What should you do?

Help! Yeah, it’s either you’d be calling your family, or you’d be asking help from your neighbors. If you live in an apartment or condominium, it’s possible to ask for an extra key from the landlord.

If luck struck, you’d be in your house in no time, but if you’re still unable to get inside, whatever the circumstance is (either with your family or neighbor), no worries, there’s Plan B.

Look for Open/Unlocked Windows or Doors. This is too dangerous and would be an invitation to burglars or intruders, but in your situation, you see this as a sign of hope. So, look around! Look up, look left, right, behind, because little sign of hope is still hope. Others would even climb the 2nd floor just to check if there are windows or doors unlocked.

Be Like the Movies. Have you watched gangster or Mafia movies, and seen how they pick locks? It may look cool and easy, but nah-uh. It’s a tedious job to do. How? *insert James Bond theme song* You’d need two bobby pins or two paper clips. Here’s how:

  1. Make an “L” shape on one of your clips. This will become your tension rod for holding the lock in place.
  2. Then, straighten out the other clip and make a small “W” on its edge. This would help you unlock the pins inside the lock.
  3. Keep the tension in lock by holding the L-shaped piece in place.
  4. Feel the pins inside the lock using your W-shaped piece.
  5. Lastly, with the W-shaped piece, push the pins up to unlock the door.

Worst Case Scenario. We’ve come to the end. No one answered your call. There are no tools available, and no windows or doors unlocked. Desperate times call for desperate measure. Well, you can either smash your window and get through it (there would be too much noise); or destroy the doorknob of your door (which has too much noise also). Smashing your window is high-risk, and might cut your hand or even lead to fracture. Destroying and removing  the knob of your door would not help also. Indeed, you could open your door, but for a price. You know how much a door know costs?!

Best Case Scenario. What’s the biggest takeaway for this article? Simple, duplicate your keys. If you’d still don’t want to duplicate your keys, Where’s The Damage is here for you. You could search for locksmiths here.

So remember, keeping a duplicate key, and dedicating at least a minute to check whether you’ve brought your key can get you the extra mile.

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