A locksmith became a hero for a distraught family

A locksmith with experience was hailed a hero to a family. This locksmith dashed and helped a bedbound man and his distraught daughter.

The locksmith, Alan Ayers who is 64 years old, owns Lockforce Colchester for the past 2 years and has experience being a locksmith for 25 years. He got a call from a distressed Lisa Matthews, whose mother is being treated in hospital, while working on a job in Lexden.

Struggling to get out her thoughts, she explained to Mr. Ayers that her elderly and sick father was stuck at home alone, due to his caregiver having difficulty in getting in. Mr. Ayers then said to calm down, he noticed that she was so stressed and was panicking.

Alan Ayers stated that, “I immediately dropped what I was doing and rushed over there and managed to get the door unlocked and get inside. I then went and calmed her dad down and then made him a cup of tea and had a chat with him before calling his daughter to tell her he was all OK. She literally burst into tears and was so pleased and relieved, because she was working the other side of London, so was not able to get there.”

Mr. Ayers went about his day after fixing the back door of the Colchester property, which was kept shut with bits of wood, and said nothing more about it. However, he began receiving phone calls and texts from friends and family informing him that he had just been named Hero of the Day on a programme named Sara Cox’s Radio 2 show.

Mr Ayers said: “I was flabbergasted because this Lisa Matthews had put me up for it because of what I did for her and I was just stunned. It was all about how much of a hero I was and ever since then people have been calling me about it. It is all a bit embarrassing if I am honest. But I will definitely call Lisa soon to thank her.”

Mr. Ayers has had to help people get out of sticky circumstances on several occasions during his long career as a locksmith. He rescued an NHS doctor who had locked himself out of his car and left his house keys inside earlier this year, for example.

“People do panic when they lose their keys, so I shot round there straight away, and he was so pleased. After what the doctors and nurses have done this past year, I will never charge them again for my services – they deserve It,” added Mr. Ayers.

However, Mr Ayer’s most amusing encounter of getting others out of trouble involved a trapped man in a bath towel and a mischievous pet pup. He said: “I got a call from a man in Bergholt saying he had been locked out of his house and was in his neighbour’s home. When I got there, he came out with just a towel around him, and so I had to ask him what had happened. He told me he had gone to check if the milkman had dropped off his milk and then the dog had jumped and shut the door before him. It was right on the High Street as well so everyone could see him. I could not stop laughing – that was a really funny one.”

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